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Reduce costs

Save money by significantly reducing your cost per hire.

Save time

Reduce recruitment time and lost productivity for your company due to vacancies.

Manage a single external partner

Customize your recruitment with our support and complete the hiring process. These steps will help you improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs.

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Need a qualified and experienced recruitment professional to join your team for a set period?

When speed is of the essence, call on our team of recruiters to assist you on short notice. Our solutions are designed for any time-sensitive recruitment-related request, including search, recruitment, selection, interviews and presentations. And if you need more assistance than planned, the scope and services of our flexible offer can be tailored to your changing needs.

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Our Packages

Packages adapted to your needs

  • Search by job
  • Unlimited recruitment
  • Distribution
  • Team dedicated to the mandate
  • Hourly billing
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  • Psychometric tests
  • References
  • Language test
  • Turnkey recruitment from A to Z
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Solution Search


Optimized cost

Adjust your mandates directly with our project managers at your convenience.

Quantity, quality and diversity

All of our search tools are activated simultaneously to allow our teams to perform a complete market survey of potential candidates.

Time savings

We take care of the tasks so that you can spend more time interviewing and evaluating the selected candidates.


Our team is agile and organized to respond effectively to emergencies or high-volume needs.


The support of the project manager improves the attractiveness of your company through distribution across various platforms.